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They did work on two residences. On one residence that had condensation from the ductwork that stained the ceiling below, they insulated the ductwork to preclude reoccurrance of the condensation damaging finishes below. On the other residence, which had three HVAC Units, they added a Mitsubishi Mini-Split with air handlers in two separate rooms to provide additional cooling on a southern exposure for which the existing system was inadequate. They provided the annual service on the HVAC for both residences. They repaired crushed ductwork (having been stepped on), sealed the ductwork from leaks with an aerosol sealant, weatherstripped doors, added additional insulation above the ceiling and found uninsulated areas by using a FLIR camera (infrared indicating temperature), and fabricated a closure-seal to fit a horizontal sliding garage door opening to minimize infiltration. The energy saving measures reduced the air infiltration from a 5 square foot equivalent opening to the atmosphere to a 13 square inch opening which is a 95%+ reduction in air infiltration, and concomitant reduction in energy usage and electric utility bill savings. I am ecstatic over the results. To my knowledge, AAA Air Care is the only HERS-rated Energy Consultant in our region, which requires Blower Door testing to determine leaks in the building envelope, which is required to comply with the current energy codes.

Prompt, and excellent. An Energy Efficiency Improvement worksheet for filing for Energy Credits from my Income Tax liability was completed and certified.