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Solar Energy

Alabama Energy Doctors offers solar energy services throughout the Dothan, Alabama region; and into parts of Georgia and Florida. If you're interested in a commercial or home solar system for your residence or business, we offer a full range of solar services to help you accomplish your goals.

Solar Energy and a Home Energy Rating are the most cost effective ways for:

  1. You to lower your energy bills and increase your home's resale price, while improving your indoor air quality, and comfort.
  2. Developers and builders can earn Energy Star tax credits, and differentiate their homes.  A Home Energy Rating will certify that the home buyer's energy bills will be lower, in an Energy Star home, allowing them to qualify for an Energy Efficient Mortgage.  See (link)
  3. Utilities can avoid building another power plant for the middle of the day air-conditioning loads because that is when the sun can make the most hot water and electricity, and that is when energy efficiency measures are most effective.

For more information about solar energy and how it can help you reduce your energy bills and environmental impact, while increasing energy independence and building resilience, contact us today!