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You deserve better than being controlled by the monopoly utility company. Sign the petition

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Let's free the sun in Alabama! 

As you may already know, solar generators in Alabama Power's service area are forced to pay an unjust tax on solar. This ridiculous solar tax unfairly takes away up to 50% of a solar generator's profits every month! The fee is one of the highest in the country at $5 per kW (per month!) of solar installed on private property.

So, let's be honest here: Solar generators in Alabama are getting a raw deal.

It's unjust and unlawful, but you can fight back.
Sign our petition today!

In April of last year, a complaint was filed with the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC) to challenge this discriminatory tax. Now this complaint is at a critical juncture. 

The PSC could sweep this whole thing under the rug and allow Alabama Power to continue gouging its customers and blocking solar. But we can stop them. We can stand up to the bully.

Demand better! Demand a public hearing!

You deserve better than being controlled by the monopoly utility company.

You deserve:

  • The right to be heard by the Alabama Public Service Commission.
  • The right to generate your own electricity on your own property without undue taxation.
  • The right to transparency and integrity from your elected state officials.

Sign the petition, share it with your friends and family, and let's free the sun in Alabama!


Sign Our Petition to Free the Sun in Alabama!


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