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Should I Have an Energy Audit INSTEAD of a Home Inspection for a Home I Want To Purchase?

Should I Have an Energy Audit INSTEAD of a Home Inspection for a Home I Want To Purchase?

First of all, an energy audit or energy evaluation, which is performed by a person that has specific certifications (to be discussed later), is NOT a substitute for a home inspection, which is performed by a Licensed Home Inspector.


For any potential buyers, we would encourage you to have an energy audit AND a home inspection performed. We (energy auditors) check overall systems, but a home inspector is looking for and at things more in depth that we do not touch. Keep in mind that you tend to get what you pay for with home inspections, so the cheapest is not necessarily the best. A home inspection by a licensed home inspector is a definite must prior to making a purchase decision. We, the  energy auditor, are there to primarily address comfort and efficiency, and indoor air quality safety issues during an Energy Audit. We run a blower door, duct test, and other tests on each home and evaluate.


Energy auditor certifications can vary from person to person and company to company. However, there are two main organizations in the United States that offer certifications that are considered to be the standard for energy auditors. BPI (Building Performance Institute) is an authority on certifying Building Analysts and Infiltration and Duct Leakage Professionals, and RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network)certifies HERS® (Home Energy Rating System) Raters. The staff members at AlabamaEnergyDoctors,com have certifications from BPI and RESNET, and The Association of Energy Engineers, and Air Conditioning Contractors of America so you can feel confident you will get a quality audit every time.

Regardless of whether you opt for an energy audit, we suggest potential buyers definitely ask for power and gas bills or amounts for the last year or two, and ask if the current or previous tenant lived there full time (as we have seen some people think they are getting an efficient home with low bills only to discover that the previous owner only lived there part-time.) Also, ask the realtor what, if any, energy efficient upgrades have been done.

You may also want to ask if the seller would pay for us to do an audit. The cost is $195 for the audit and a comprehensive report and customized scope with line item pricing for recommendations. If you decide to purchase the home and have an Energy Audit, then there are options for financing energy efficient upgrades from as part of Home Performance with Energy Star ...... Super convenient, right? 


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