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FREE THINGS TO PUT GREEN IN YOUR WALLET and be more comfortable:

and be more comfortable:
Clean or replace air filters during the heating and cooling seasons once a month.
Keep heat generating appliances like televisions, refrigerators, and lamps, etc, away from the thermostat. This heat can interfere with the proper function of the thermostat.
Try to keep the thermostat at 60 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer.
Lowering your thermostat won’t cool any faster and may cause more cooling than desired.
When heating, use 2 degree increases in the thermostat setting to avoid activating the heat strips, which use huge amounts of electricity., OR make sure heat strips are set to not come on until it is about 35 degrees outside.
When possible, in winter, turn down the thermostat 10 or more degrees at night or when away from home for more than 2 hours or use a programable thermostat. Let the temperature rise in summer.
During the winter, open all south and west facing window coverings on sunny days and close all window coverings at night to hold in the heat.
Make sure heating/cooling air vents are not blocked and are open.
Use kitchen and bathroom fans to remove moisture, and shut them off after about 10 minutes so they don’t suck out the air conditioned air.



Thank you so much for the information.I always Keep warm producing machines like TVs, coolers, and lights, and so forth, far from the indoor regulator. This warmth can meddle with the best possible capacity of the indoor regulator.Your idea is so remarkable.Thank you for the great tips.It is very useful for us.


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FREE THINGS TO PUT GREEN IN YOUR WALLET and be more comfortable:

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FREE THINGS TO PUT GREEN IN YOUR WALLET and be more comfortable:

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Bringing down the temperature

Bringing down the temperature of your indoor regulator can accomplish more than decrease your vitality charge despite the fact that we feel that advantage is awesome to the point that regardless it made the rundown. Dropping temps only two to five degrees can likewise enable you to shed pounds and give a superior night's rest.

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