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Top 5 things to watch out for when building a new home and how builders are still cutting corners with energy efficiency

Top 5 things to watch out for when building a new home and how builders are still cutting corners with energy efficiency
Even though it seems like all the new home builders are touting how energy efficient their homes are, there are still major problems and misleading information given in terms of the energy efficiency of the homes.
1. A low HERS Score/
A HERS Score standard by which a home's energy efficiency is measured. The HERS or Home Energy Rating System was developed by RESNET and is the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a new home's energy performance. It is used to Certify Energy Star Homes, and is recognized by the mortgage industry. Just because the model homes have a low HERS Score does not mean your home will have a low HERS score. You need to have a the HERS Rater or independent energy auditor come out to your home to inspect it was truly done right.
2. An energy efficient homes means the attic is well insulated.
Wrong again! We have a saying that code is the worst you can legally build a home. Many builders will actually just insulate the attic to code! You need to insulate up to Energy Star Standards per your climate zone. In Phoenix, Arizona we need our attics up to at least an R-38 and our code is R-30.
3. The R-value of the insulation is taken from the manufacturers specifications, not Energy Stars. The manufacturer says that under laboratory conditions, an R-30 is 8" of cellulose. Energy Star, BPI and RESNET all state that an R-30 is 10" of cellulose. Who is right? The independent non-profit agencies or the private company?
4. Duct design best practices are non-existent.
The advantage of flex duct is that anyone can install it, the disadvantage is that no one knows how to properly install it anymore. A duct design can tell you what is required to deliver the air to each room but no one checks if the installation actually followed the Manual D Duct Design specifications or if airflow best practices were followed. This leads to a brand new home you paid for with hot uncomfortable rooms in the summer.
5. The windows are super efficient.
Even the best, triple pane gas filled windows, have an R value of R4 and are the weak spot in the home, allowing for more heat gain and loss than any other area. The limit of cost effectiveness in walls in Enterprise Alabama is R19.
By being diligent in your homework, using a HERS rater, and on top of your builder, you will increase your chances that your home gets built with the best quality you are paying for.


New Home

Before building a new home, we must consider certain things, which we learn from builders. The first thing we are looking in our new home is attractive interior, exterior, and design. Apart from these, we can go for energy efficiency as mention in this above article. For better energy efficiency we follow the instructions present here and also implement in our new home. Thanks for such a wonderful article.

Builders know everything

Builders know everything because they have the experience of these things. These five things are so beneficial for the builders and superior paper reviews provides information is so precious for the common people. This type of the information I never found before to any site.

A channel configuration can disclose to yo

A channel configuration can disclose to you what is required to convey the air to each room however nobody checks if the establishment really took after the Manual D Duct Design determinations or if wind current accepted procedures were taken after a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.

Although the real estate

Although the real estate market is quite diverse these days, lots of people prefer to build their house from scratch, to their own liking. These tips are worth considering before starting the project, it will save lots of money on the long run. Those who are going for a trenchless sewer repair are well aware of this fact. Even if you must do maintenance repairs, make sure to use quality services.

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