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We test ductwork for how much it leaks. Our computerized machine can seal all the leaks

On the subject of "truth," author Aldous Huxley once wrote,

"facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." 


Nowhere today is this more apropos than when it comes to facts regarding building performance and meeting the growing demand for energy efficiency in construction.


For decades, engineers have ignored a simple truth - ductwork in their buildings leak - and not just a little bit. Here are some truths:


  • The average building in the U.S. today exhibits duct leakage rates of between 20% and 30% (U.S. Department of Energy).
  • Between 60% and 85% of U.S. Buildings could realize significant energy savings benefits from duct sealing (ASHRAE Journal, 03/05).
  • Adequately sealing duct leaks is often the single most effective and cost effective thing that can be done to reduce energy usage (McKinsey: Unlocking Energy Efficiency 07/09).

We test ductwork for how much it leaks. Our computerized machine can seal all the leaks and metal seams in the ductwork then tests the ducts afterward, print a certificate and a 10 year warranty which stays with the building. There is an immediate reduction in dust, energy used, an improvement of the indoor air quality, comfort and the heat pumps run less and last longer. 

Please watch these videos about the system.
Here is the link to the "Ask This Old House" TV show that just aired.


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