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Air conditioning fixes, service, installation, repairs, precision testing.

Air conditioning fixes, service, installation, repairs, precision testing.

If your heat pump is like the heart of your home then the ductwork is like the arteries, carrying cool air to your rooms.

We tune your air conditioner or heat pump to make it run at it's full efficiency. 

Then we test and seal your ducts to make them work at thier full efficiency.

The duct work in the average home leaks 25-50%. It makes no sense to install an expensive efficient heat pump and have leaky ducts.

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AC repairing

Although, I know many electricians who can help repairing the faulty air conditioning system at office, but I would like to rely on Ms. Lerato for her technical expertise and practical knowledge.

Every year you need to

Every year you need to services of the air condition and it is good. I know service is not difficult but you have to know proper information about this air conditioner. This site is so good which give the complete guideline about the air condition problems and service.

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