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"Can't agree on room temperature? Don't get a divorce... get a mini-split"

Save money minimizing water AND wastewater costs by retrofitting your toilet or installing a low flow toilet.

Everyone knows how much water rates have gone up, because the water levels in Dothan AL, and Wiregrass area, wells are dropping but most people don’t know what to do. I jumped through all the hoops (or so I thought); 5 minutes or less showers, never keep the water faucet running, I even followed the “yellow-mellow-brown-down” rule. But what I wasn’t aware of is I could make an enormous dent in reducing my water usage without making any kind of lifestyle change. Toilets account for about 30% of residential indoor water use in the United States? Unfortunately, toilets can also be a major source of wasted water due to leaks.  It is common that the toilet will use over 3 gallons of water per flush. According to experts, the minimum amount of water needed to meet the basic human needs of drinking, cooking and hygiene is five gallons of clean water per person per day.

Test your home for RADON

Ways to lower your heating bill:

Ways to lower your heating bill:

We have a great hand well pump and solar well pumps

We have a great hand well pump. It can fit on top of your existing well and pump.


- About ONE FIFTH THE PUMPING EFFORT, compared to Bison or Baker

- Pumps from MUCH FURTHER DOWN.  325’ static.

- Can PUMP INTO PRESSURE TANK FROM 225' static waterlevel. No other pump comes closs,

It is the greatest backup hand-pump available. Made in America too.

Solar pumps can be used for homes, filling ponds, watering livestock, and for irrigation.

We also do rainwater collection systems for homes or irrigation. Call 334-828-1024

We can find water leaks in walls and roofs and in spray foamed attics.

We can find water leaks in walls and roofs and in spray foamed attics. We have a variety of instruments to detect and measure moisture and help you with a plan to prevent and fix moisture issues that cause mold. Call 334-828-1024

Friday is Energy Efficiency Day #EEDay

Are Ceiling Fans a Good for Energy Efficiency?

Ceiling fans would seem, at first glance, to be a smart tool in the overall mix of your home's energy efficency equipment. But too few know that their real value. They're essentially worthless use electricity and the motors create heat that the air conditioner has to remove,  if people aren't present in the room. 

If people only use them when they are in the room, then the air moving over their skin will make them feel cooler, and if they then set their thermostat a bit higher, then the extra heat is a small price to pay for the comfort and energy savings. They do not prevent mold or improve indoor air quality.

Do you leave your fans on when no one is home? 

Solar cooking and everything solar.

An energy saving company bakes cookies in a solar oven