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We can can connect you with help for VA, FHA, USDA, and other loan options for your home, or for a new home you want to build. Also if you have a 660 or better credit score, and we do an energy survey, you may also qualify for a low interest energy efficiency loan.

There is a 30% federal income tax credit (not deduction) for solar systems.  For example, a $6000 solar hot water system qualifies for a $2000 income tax credit.  The sooner you put in your system, the sooner you start saving.  Energy prices are going up while you wait! The average home uses 20-30% of its total electric bill just to HEAT WATER!  If you pay 25% federal and 5% state income taxes, then saving $800/year on your hot water is the same as earning $1040/year.  

The average home's air conditioning ductwork leaks 20-40% of the air conditioned air. We can seal it, and stop the leaks. It pays for itself in less than 1-3 years, keeps money in your pocket, and gets the air to your rooms, for the life of the house.

The average home's air conditioning or heat pump runs 10-30% less efficiently than designed. We can measure the efficiency and tune your heat pump.

For more information about tax credits, financing options and loans that may be available to help you take advantage of a home solar system or energy efficiency upgrade, contact us today!