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The cause of mold in the ductwork diagnosed and fixed.

The owner of a two story brick home asked us to find out why they had mold in their ductwork which was between the first and second floor. We performed a four hour energy survey and tests to diagnose the problems. Testing showed that the heat pump was oversized which caused it to cool the air for only 10 minutes, and then shut off. Heat pumps and air conditioners need to run 10 minutes before they even start to remove humidity, and humidity is the enemy in Dothan and Enterprise Alabama. Other tests showed that humid outside air was leaking into the house between the first and second floors, the humidity averaged 70%. The outside walls had not been sealed properly. Duct work testing showed the ducts were leaking 25% of the preconditioned air, between the floors, causing water to condense and drip into the ducts and cause mold to grow. We installed a dehumidifier on the system and recommended that they have all the ducts torn out and replaced by another company. The homeowners cleaned the ducts and decided instead to have us seal all the ducts from the inside with our Aeroseal machine. That stopped the leakage, and avoided the expense of tearing out the ceilings. We sealed their ductwork down to 0.5% duct leakage and reduced the humidity in their ducts to 45%, to prevent mold, and improve their comfort and indoor air quality. Duct leakage for new homes, according to the the 2009 Energy Code must be 12% or less, and the 2012 Energy Code will require duct leakage to be 4% or less.