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Backup & Emergency Systems

Alabama Energy Doctors offers backup and emergency solar energy systems for homes and businesses throughout the Dothan, Alabama region, including parts of Florida and Georgia. If you're interested in a renewable energy system that will provide power for your home or business even in the case of emergency, we've got you covered.

Contact us today for an estimate, or if you're simply curious to learn more about how a backup solar energy system can help protect your home or building from the risk of power outages and natural disasters.

Solar electricity with battery backup we installed at a Dothan water tower.

The federal rescue effort in the BVI and Puerto Rico could distribute (parachute in) Sun Ovens that can sterilize pond, river, rain water for drinking and cook food for free. We use this almost every day to cook. Cooked a pumpkin and made two pumpkin pies, in the solar oven, to give to my employees. They also work for however long the power goes out.
We design and install rainwater storage, purification, drinking water systems for homes. We design and install solar well pumping systems. We sell a well hand pump, to add to existing wells, that is 5 times easier to pump than other pumps. We have a system to desalinate salt swimming pool or ocean water. We have small water purifiers that can be carried in your pocket.
We sell portable solar, LITHIUM battery, charger, inverter systems that will run a fridge, lights, tv, pool cleaner.... and charge several phones, or can be made to produce more power. They will run every day for 5 years without fuel, QUIETLY, even when it is not possible for FEMA to truck water and fuel on blocked roads. We use it almost every day to run our fridge and lower our power bills.
"When storms, earthquakes, wildfires or cyberattacks take down our brittle power grid, we should all be able to start rebuilding our homes and lives immediately, with our smartphones and water pumps, filling stations and traffic lights, computers and refrigerators continuously powered by the world’s greatest uninterruptible power supply — the sun."  Amory B. Lovins co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute
Call 828-1024. for a solar system.

How do you plan to cook if the utility grid goes down?

While most power outages are caused by storms or utility company mistakes, a growing number of these outages are being blamed on everything from our deteriorating electrical infrastructure & EMPs to terrorists & hackers.

Thousands of families who lost power in recent storms have solar ovens and they are baking the roasts that are quickly thawing in their powerless freezers, along with other perishable foods before they spoil. They are cooking, baking and pasteurizing water, to make it drinkable, while their neighbors sit and wait for the utility trucks to arrive.

How do you plan to run your refrigerator, or radio, or well if the utility grid goes down? Hundreds of families who lost power in recent storms have small or larger solar electric systems with batteries and they have power for their freezers, lights along with well water and maybe a small air conditioner.