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Spring is here! Are you experiencing uncomfortable rooms and high energy bills? Call us, 828-1024, for a spring cleaning and energy tune up of your air conditioning system. We can also check the air flow to your rooms and test how much of your cool air is being lost to the attic or crawlspace. (20-40% in most homes). $15 off if you mention this article.

We upgrade comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency in Dothan, Enterprise, Troy, Headland, Abbeville and Eufaula Alabama. An energy efficient, cost effective air conditioning system can help you save money on energy bills, while improving your home or building's comfort and indoor air quality.

We can save you 30%, or more, of your energy bill.

Interested in reducing your air conditioning costs? AAA Air Care offers energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for homes and businesses throughout Dothan, Enterprise AL and the Wiregrass region. Before we replace your heat pump: We measure and test your home, then use that information in a computer to design your new system and give you options for efficient, correctly sized, and designed heating and cooling system. We also design and install mini split air conditioning heat and cool individual rooms, solar heat pumps and geothermal systems. Contact us to learn about the most energy efficient AC systems available today, and how we can help improve your building's comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

We can help you use the free energy of the sun to cool and heat your home, with a solar heat pump airconditioner, and significantly reduce your utility bills each month. Heating and cooling are about 54% of your energy bill, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). Solar energy, generated by our solar airconditioning or heat pump system is used first to heat and cool your home and any excess runs appliances or goes back to the utility company, entitling you to a credit. We can also wire the system so that you can also decide to add solar panels at a later time. A 30% federal tax credit applies to the entire cost of the system. Surveys, by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development show home values rise about $20 per $1 reduction in yearly utility bills.

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In addition to new air conditioning equipment installation, we offer air conditioning maintenance and repair services, for all brands, for homes and commercial buildings throughout the Wiregrass region. Whether you're looking for emergency repair, precision tune-ups for full efficiency, or routine maintenance, we can help.

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Ducts – How bad are a few leaks?
Leaky ducts can kill you. It's not a joke.
Return ducts are used to “return” air back to the furnace or air conditioner. Think about what happens when the return duct leaks in the attic, or basement with a gas water heater or gas furnace... Any leak in the attic sucks air into the ducts from that nasty space, filled with dust, mouse droppings, and fiberglass, as well as the obvious outside air that might be cold or very hot. So, return air leaks are bad, really bad. They’re unhealthy and really hurt your energy efficiency. How much? The example shown where the return duct is partly open will decrease the system efficiency 30%-50%!
The bad news is that a return air leak this big can suck the air out of the attic or basement, creating a low pressure zone. So low that it can literally suck the exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide out of the furnace or water heater In fact, it can kill you. 
This problem is so serious that the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and RESNET, the EPA and Energy Star requires all certified energy auditors to test for these potentially lethal conditions. And remember, you might have several things working to create dangerous conditions – the leaky return ducts, the clothes dryer (which might be expelling large amounts of air from the basement), the furnace (which also uses air for combustion), and the water heater. There are also natural forces at work that make basements, attics, and other home spaces lower pressure.
So when an installer takes shortcuts and doesn’t seal your ducts air-tight, not only are they robbing you and maybe making you sick, they could kill you. If you’re having duct work done, or a new house or addition built, insist on having the ducts tested. I will cost several hundred dollars more, but what price do you put on your family’s life? Don’t take shortcuts – make sure it’s done right.
We are Building Performance Institute (BPI) and RESNET, and Energy Star certified energy auditors . We test for these potentially lethal conditions.
This is the air conditioning coil with sucked in insulation and mold before we cleaned it.
This photo is of a new flange screwed on to the heat pump and sealed with mastic and the new return ductwork sealed with mastic, after the coil was cleaned. Now they can breathe clean cool air, instead of moldy insulation and hot humid attic air, and their heating and cooling bill will drop 12%.