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Duct work sealing and cleaning, duct testing, blower door testing, crawlspace sealing and encapsulation, attic insulation, generators 

Affordable Solar Hot Water and Power, Solar electricity, solar water heating, solar pool heating, solar emergency electricity, batteries


Licensed, bonded and insured, financing available

Home Energy Audits

Discover where your home is wasting energy, how you can lower your energy bills, be more comfortable and have better air quality.
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Air conditioning service

Quality air conditioning service and installation.
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Mold and indoor air quality solved

Mold causes and indoor air quality diagnosis and solutions and be healthier.
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Emergency electricity with solar and batteries

Solar electricity with battery and generator backup in case of a disaster.
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Air conditioning excellence

Ductwork sealing and cleaning. Guaranteed home energy upgrades, for a better return on your investment.

When it comes to your home, you want the best. Alabama Energy Doctors is the region's premier air conditioning and home energy company, offering the highest quality work and a guarantee of customer satisfaction. If you're ready to get the job done right the first time, give us a call.

Energy Audit, Indoor Air Quality Testing

A comprehensive analysis of how your home uses energy, and where the most cost-effective improvements can be made.

Thermal Infrared Scans

Identify exactly where your home is leaking energy, or has water leaks and how we can fix it.

Solar Services

Reduce your energy costs. Have immediate, silent, clean, emergency power and water for decades.


Air conditioning, cooling, heat pumps

AAA Air Care repairs, services, and installs air conditioning, heat pumps. All systems serviced. Improve comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency.

Duct Testing, Duct Sealing, Ductwork cleaning

Save 20-40% of your heating and cooling bill, and improve your indoor air quality and comfort instantly.

Energy Star Certified Homes
New and Existing Homes

Build or remodel with Energy Star standards in mind and reduce costs while maximizing home efficiency and comfort.


Solar electric, Water, Food

Three things you cannot be without in a lengthy disaster.

Energy Resilient Homes

Keep your home safe from crawlspace mold and poor, inadequate air quality, and carbon monoxide for your health.

Maintenance Packages

We will ensure that your heat pump systems are working efficiently, and your home stays comfortable.